ipLaser is a service developed specifically for the laser cutting industry addressing the demanding needs of your business today with software technology of tomorrow.

Created after decades of hands-on experience in the industry, ipLaser takes the administrative overhead and hard work out of the quotation and estimates process and delivers an efficient, integrated service which is designed to add profit to your business.

ipLaser generates rapid, accurate and consistent quotations, whether it is used in-house or integrated as a portal in your website providing an on-line quotation and estimates service 24/7.

This is the fourth challenge and so far ipLaser have absolutely smashed other quote packages into bits.–Mark Hannon, Midtherm, UK

Like all great ideas and products ipLaser just makes things easier, faster and simple.–Mike Simpson, Sorb Engineers, UK

Microkerf Ltd are starting its fourth year of Internet Quoting and have had consecutive yearly increases in orders and the number of quotes during this period.–David Gattward, Microkerf, UK

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