How Does it Work

Once you have granted permission, your customer accesses your ipLaser quoting service hosted on our web server via your secure website portal.
The customer is lead through a series of prompts, including specifying material and delivery requirements, before uploading their drawing files, in either DWG or DXF formats, to the ipLaser quoting engine.

Being able to upload more than one drawing at a time, ipLaser is especially suitable for quotes which have numerous line items. The relevant information is extracted and stored in a proprietary format, enhancing security of these valuable drawings.

Once all of the drawings have been uploaded, a simple click on a “Calculate” button and the quotation is automatically delivered straight back to your customer, based on the business parameters you have configured ipLaser with.

The system calculates two main physical properties which form the basis of the price, ‘Unit Time’ based upon your processing parameters and ‘Nested Sheet Yield’ using a “True Shape” nesting algorithm.