The ipLaser quoting system is only offered as a service, that is, we do not sell the software as a standalone application. This gives you, the Vendor, several key advantages:

  • There are NO set up costs.
  • There is no need to install any proprietary software on your computers or your clients computers for the core quoting service. Some import conversion facilities will require the installation of a small application to act as an interface between ipLaser and your applications.
  • As the service is hosted on our servers, there is no need to purchase any additional hardware to host a quoting application internally.
  • Our service takes care of data backup and security minimising the need for an in house IT specialist.

Because we operate as a service, we apply our fee when you use the service, not when it is idle. This means that you only need pay ipLaser a fee when there is activity.

Free Quotes

When operating ipLaser in the “self service” mode, the quotes generated by your customers are free of charge. We will only apply our fee when your customer wishes to convert a quote into an order. Think about that for a minute. The customer does all of the work to obtain the quote, and you do not have to pay for that service!

The table below outlines ipLaser’s current fee structure. This is the fee for the basic quoting module. If your currency is not shown, please contact ipLaser.

Customer Creates Quote

Fee per Quoted Line Item
Vendor Accepts an Order from Customer

Fee per Quoted Line Item
Vendor Creates Quote

Fee per Quoted Line Item
USD Free $3.40 $0.85
Euro Free €2.40 €0.60
GBP Free £2.00 £0.50
AUD Free $3.40 $0.85
NZD Free $4.00 $1.00
CZK Free 61.0 Kč 15.0 Kč

(ipLaser reserves the right to vary these fees from time to time without prior notice)

ipLaser also offers optional modules. Please contact ipLaser for specific pricing for these options.

  • Freight price calculation.
  • Simple secondary process facility (internal use only)
  • Exports targeted at specific programming systems.
  • Exports targeted for specific book keeping/order processing systems.
  • Order history.
  • Reports and Analysis