About ipLaser

How ipLaser can help manage your business

ipLaser is a specialised, internet based service developed specifically for the laser cutting industry addressing the demanding needs of your business today with technology of the future.

Created after decades of first-hand experience in the Australian laser ‘job shop’ industry, ipLaser eliminates the typical “bottleneck” often present in the quotation process providing an efficient, integrated solution engineered to add profit to your business.

ipLaser generates rapid, accurate and consistent cost calculations, whether it is used to provide quotations for your ‘job shop’ customers, in-house job costings, or integrated into your website providing your customers with a secure,‘Self-Service’ quotation and ordering service, on-line 24/7.

Advantages of ipLaser

♦ Significant savings in time and costs associated with quoting and order processing.

♦  NO upfront costs, NO contracts, NO capital outlay, NO maintenance fees, NO in-house technical support required.

♦  Immediate increase in available sales resources; Create time for your sales team to proactively convert live quotes.

♦  Reduce your response time with ‘Super-Fast’ quote preparation, increasing your ‘Quote & Win’ performance by responding to the customer ahead of your competitor.

♦  Enhanced calculation times with batch processing of multiple drawings, eliminating repetitive inputs.

♦  Uploaded drawing analysis supports high accuracy in the quotation process, including ‘True Shape’ nesting calculations to ensure competitive material costings.

♦  Highly configurable with multiple pricing options to suit your business model, resulting in accurate and consistent quotations from your sales team.

♦ Expand your markets by quoting work you would normally decline based on time or cost.

♦  Customisable reporting with integrated tools.

♦  Advanced support for secondary processes eg. Folding, Tapping, Countersinking, Powdercoating, Plating, etc.

♦  Flexible data integration with downstream software systems such as MYOB®, QuickBooks®, Sage®, SigmaNEST®, and other ERP / MRP systems.