Take a Test Drive

This link will connect you as a Customer of a demonstration “company” that will use ipLaser to provide you with a quote for your laser cut parts.

As this is simply a demonstration, the quoting parameters used (feed rates, hourly rates, etc) are not meant to represent reality. It is purely for demonstration of the process.

The demonstration site that you are about to visit represents the experience of a customer using the “Quote Wizard” functionality. This wizard hides many of the options available to you in the standard quote editor to streamline the process. For example, the wizard does not allow you declare layers in your drawing to be treated independently as “cutting” or “engraving”.

At the end of the process, the system asks for your email addresss so that we can send you the result of the quote as a PDF file. Be assured that we will not pass on your contact details to a third party in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here.

To get the best out of the Test Drive, keep your drawings simple to begin with. Have only one part on the drawing, without title blocks and dimensions. The standard quote editor can deal with these extra entities with some configuration, but the wizard keeps things simple. Some sample drawings are available for your convenience by contacting info@iplaser.com, or upload your own.

Take a Test Drive