History of ipLaser

ipLaser was created out of necessity. The developers of ipLaser were previously involved in the management and operation of a national laser cutting business operating 18 machines at 6 sites. The 6 sites were located as much as 3,000 km away from each other, and spread across 3 time zones. Efficient business and management systems were necessary to run this business profitably.

Quoting was identified as one of the bottlenecks in growing the business. Quotes needed to get to the market quicker, and they needed to be accurate and consistent. This was where ipLaser began. A rudimentary quoting system was developed for in house use mid 2003. Soon, the system developed into a complete business system which ran the operational aspects of the company.

However, quoting was still a time consuming issue. As an example, some sectors of the construction industry were seeking quotes for as many as 300 parts in one quote. To produce this sort of quote could take several days using traditional methods.

In 2007, the laser cutting business was sold, and development of the current ipLaser system began.